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Construction                Knitted Nylon/Carbon Fiber.
Colors                          Grey
Washing                      Mild detergent and warm water. Air or tumble dry with low heat.
Storage                       Away from bright light and heat.
Sizes                            Small: white cuff
                                    Medium: green cuff
                                    Large: brown cuff
                                    X-Large: yellow cuff
                                    XX-Large: Grey cuff

This type of glove has seamless knit construction. They are made of nylon yarn with conductive carbon fiber blended to effectively dissipate static charge through the wearer body to groundable point. The fingertips are MicroknitTM for dexterity and confort. They provide excellent ventilation properties throught the back of the hand while have low moisture absorption. The gloves are washable and reusable.
This product is RoHS compliant and latex-free.

Nylon Conductive Knit ESD Gloves